About us

We are prepared to work outside the square, to achieve the best results possible.

At Kada, our aim is to perform on every level, to the total satisfaction of our clients and their organisation. We are a professional team, always aiming to meet your goals. We work with you to provide all your workplace solutions.

Kada was established in 1987, with an aim to inject fresh ideas, technology and style into the office-furniture market. This innovative company has continued to grow by supplying leading brands and working closely with its clients. Kada is especially proud of its professional team of people who, have extensive knowledge and understanding of Kada’s products. A commitment to training and visits to international product-manufacturing sites ensure that Kada clients receive the best up-to-the moment service and advice. Every project is an opportunity to create an exceptional ergonomic office-furniture solution, not just an office product. We are prepared to shift the parameters beyond what is usually considered possible. When our clients approach Kada they find a professional, knowledgeable team.

Active consultancy is part of the spirit of partnership that we bring to every business relationship. Good quality long-term business relationships are based on understanding, communication, the establishment of needs, and achievement. Our client’s office needs are anticipated by taking into account the changing business environment, internally and externally. We provide a solution to those needs.